Leisure equipment: frisbee golf, badminton, dartboard, fishing rod, catfish, a boatwith a motor, canoes, and kayaks for rent (see canoeing route from

Other activities:

There is a good frisbee golf course near Kuhmoinen church(22 km), as well as in Västilä and Längelmäki. Kuhmoinen also has a good mountain biking route in Kuhmoinen. (

In winter there is an opportunity for downhill skiing in Jämsä Himos (56 km), as well as in Pälkäne Sappe (49 km).

Isojärven National Park only 21 km away.

There is a 17km long canoeing route which will end up right in front of Tuomaalan tila’s shore. Canoe rental includes transportation to the beginning of the route.

You can go on trails during winter. Great fishing and ice fishing opportunities. Berry and mushroom forests right around the cottage when it’s the season. In the village a couple of kilometers away there is also a guided Sysipatteri nature trail.

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